You  can Easily make 100% Profit on Monthly ( Crypto ) - Trades!

Many Companies will let you invest in their program for say 2000 - 10000  dollars and only give you 15% on the investment per month - or 20% on a 25-50K investment or as high as 25% for a 50 - 100K investment but you can do much better -  Here’s how - 


Now there are a lot of Bitcoin trading scams out there - so you have to really know what you are doing I’ve had to learn the hard way…. 


Let me tell you what I’m doing I get paid to introduce people to a professional trader ( Crypto Trader )  he pays me 5% of the amount of money you invest say it’s 2000 so I get 100 dollars 


The Trader gets 25% on 30 day trading period - that’s 25% of the profits of that month - 


He can often get you more than 100% on your trades ( again it’s much more than this ) I just use this for illustration purposes -  So do me a favor and let me introduce you to this crypto trader - so I can make money too on trading - with him also - minimum trades start at 2000…


The following is a conversation I had with him a while back - 


Crypto Trader - For me I've been trading for over 12 years now, started off with forex and stocks before getting into crypto space so my strategies and analysis are top notch. I do trade for clients and manage clients trading accounts to generate worthy ROI in short and long term trades


Me - I asked him if he can make this return even when Bitcoin goes down?


Crypto Trader -  And he said Of course!


Crypto Trader - ( Now lives in L.A. - From New York )

Yes I am a licensed trader and there's probably a capital gain tax of up to 5 to 10% but that's from the trading platform. I am only entitled to 25%.


Me - I’ve been talking with traders for years and one trader - used to stocks and forex but switched to Crypto - even found a way not to lose money in trading   but he would never share it with me -


Crypto Trader  - 

Well in my trading career I've found out that trading crypto is much profitable and easier than stocks and forex


Me - I asked him if there was a cost for the platform or software?


Crypto Trader - Yes I am licensed trader and there's probably a capital gain tax of up to 5 to 10% but that's from the trading platform. I am only entitled to 25% ( How about 15% ?)...

Me - you must have a lot of big income clients - so why work with small fries


Crypto Trader - Good question! Well the main aim of my trading is capitalizing on multiple income streams and since I do my trading full time I really need the income coming in from all angles so every client matters, whether big or small


Me - I asked if I get a referral fee from sending someone his way?


Crypto Trader - Yes definitely, up to 5% commission of the clients Investment - ( My words - thinking so if someone invests - 100K - or an corporate account - I would get - 5 K )


Me - I asked him if he worked with any one small business owners or Corporations -


Crypto Trader - I work with everyone, I also work with international investors. Canada, Australia etc


IN summary - I’m getting paid to refer people to Crypto Trader - and he pays me 5% of what that person starts to trade with - one time fee - I can put it into trades myself - so 


Let’s make this a win win for all - let me introduce you to this Crypto Trader and when you make money send me other people so I can do the same - 


Let’s get to know one another well enough to do this with other people too - people you may know - but it’s up to you, I just want to work my way out of Walmart and do my enjoyable things…