These are just some of the great signs to happen before and after Christ Comes Again! ( Not Complete )

Again the follow is just a short list of what will be possible before and after Christ comes....


Key dates with Israel and Miracles before and after the second coming!


1967 War

( Spring Israel becomes a New Nation )

+ 49 Years 


2016 President “Trump” a human warning! U.S.A. Leader who starts a worldwide revolution@!@ 


Total Solar Eclipse Fall 2017

Spring of 2024 another full Eclipse

( 7 Years apart )


Spring of 2025

( another major event In Israel ? War )

7 Years of final war on this earth!


Christ comes in Spring of 2032 @!@


By the spring of 2033 Christ will have addressed the World and his church two times -


50 years from 1983

Vaughn J Featherstone letter

Dated April 6 -1983


These ideas come mainly from two videos - see the following and watch it carefully more than once…

( first video does time line - second video does the letter of Featherstone )!


These are all best guesses -


China, Russia, North Korea and other socialistic countries will fall, people in these countries will be free in time!  -



There are many other things we don’t have dates on but will happen - Hale storm destroys crops of earth


144,000 Thrash nations of earth, New Jerusalem gets built - that has to be around 2024 or shortly thereafter because of two Major Eclipses - Temples built in New Jerusalem - in America - this must happen before 10 tribes of the north come from Europe -


marching across the ocean on dry ground - the paperwork, permits and other thing for this new city must be starting soon - it takes time to do these things - 


Other things like Two witnesses holding back armies in old Jerusalem - this must start or be around 3 and ½ years before Christ comes back and Burns the wicked -



Pull the righteous up in the air and resurrects them - in  blink of an eye -


Christ pulls the continents together - takes the earth to a new heaven and brings us all back down to go to work with him -


oh not forgetting  all the resurrected saints that will come with him in the skys -


I don’t want to leave out a new L.D.S. temple in old Jerusalem or  the meeting with Christ and holy prophets of old in a holy group  in New Jerusalem in America -


Lest I forget, Enoch and his city are coming back, hanging in the heavens above or over New Jerusalem -


once that city of New Jerusalem is started to be built - these beings will work with Christ and Us to prepare us or help us work towards a Celestial World!


I’m sure I’ve missed some things like Christ - Standing on Mount of olives and water coming out from under the temple - fresh water coming into the Dead Sea and making it live again…


and many other things - more angels working with us -


New scriptures with 10 lost tribes, and other Scriptures being opened from the book of Mormon, and Enoch and John the Beloved and Others..


If this all sounds too good or powerful to be real - I would not blame you, of thinking, I’m just crazy - but many things will happen in the future for all of us -


We must - reconsider what be believe and know - and that will for sure - these things will happen - nonetheless - be prepared - be faithful - Christ is Coming... 


I have not talked about Satan and his angels  being bound, peace being on the earth, people dying and changed in blink of an eye,


all people knowing Christ is our Lord and Savior, more light truth and knowledge coming forth so we can cure all diseases, so all things,


clean up the earth, use power anywhere, do work for living and dead, bring millions into his church…


In short do things that were totally impossible before Christ’s coming and finish up the work of the Father before the 1000 years are up…. And many more things...