Complete BASIC Gospel

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1 – Full faith nothing doubting.

2 – Repentance far beyond – saying – I’m sorry or changing your heart, mind, actions and desires – which all have part in this power – it’s eventually desiring to sin no more… with grace and faith all things are possible – even to change our nature…

3 – Baptism by immersion – with those that have full Priesthood power can do so, both in heaven and on earth, it is binding … ( need higher priesthood and temple keys )

4 – Gift of Holy Ghost by laying on of hands – using that gift all the time – obeying and following it at all times, obey the greater light and truth at all times…

5 – Temple ordinances and covenants – in LDS temples – keeping and working on perfecting ( ourselves) by obeying them etc.

6 – Using the complete power and grace of Jesus Christ and knowing – his will is above all things we desire… ( should be, as Christ – submitted to Heavenly Father )

7 – Keeping all commandments, tithing, offerings, word of wisdom, partaking of Sacrament, serving in love and power – in truth – following the spirit in all things…

8 – With grace, humility, faith and virtue – overcoming all things in this world and the next until we are called up and anointed kings and queens…

9 – Putting all things on the alter – so we can become sanctified and holy as – ( they are holy ) we need to become one with them and be holy. { Holiness to the LORD }.

10 – Submitting to the Will of The Father in all things until the end of your life and beyond – becoming one with the Father, Son and the Holy Ghost etc.

11 – This power, needs to goes beyond the church, into the public and business life and beyond education and into all other things… ( it will after the second coming..)

12 – Through Jesus Christ and his power, we can also move mountains, stop armies, and do all things according to the will of God the Father….

13 – This leads to calling and election made sure and exaltation – thrones and Kingdoms, and becoming a King and Queen(s) – just like our Heavenly Father and Mother… ( no worthy man or woman will be denied this blessings if worthy – with or without children, but all these must be under the covenants and be married or sealed to one another, there is no other way…)

Psalms 82:6

I have said, Ye are gods; and all of you are children of the most High.

As sons and daughters of the Most high God – shall we not – the best of us go on become as they are? You must look to the answer to this question beyond your own dogmas and Christian – traditions and theologies – or you can not be free to know and live the truth!!!

My testimony and a little more in the video below…


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