Everyone Uses Faith


Everyone has faith, it is seen in every thing we do…

Let's talk or at least get great tips to do more with your life!

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Some of us, show our faith in sports, or education or in religious areas – some in construction or in families areas in raising kids, some do it in relationships — but all of us have some form of faith —

it is show in our everyday works..

What kind of faith do you have and how do you show it?

Acts in faith, hope and Charity —

Acts in your prayers —

Acts in healing – acts in reading scriptures,

Acts in cooking or acts in raising your kids

Again it does not matter what kind of faith you have you are showing it every day in what you do and in what you become —

But absolute faith in Christ – in his word – in his power to heal, in his power to bless you and other etc.

How great is that faith?

Great enough to walk on water?

Great enough to raise the dead?

How about great enough to pray and read scriptures?

To attend church, to help others?

Well we are going to talk about these things and more —


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