Faith in Christ and Doing Good

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Let's talk or at least get great tips to do more with your life!

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Believe in Christ and doing more good!

First believe that God is and that he has all power and all knowledge...

Pray to seek the kingdom of GOD first -

Know that there was a war in heaven and it continues today...!

Get the full story talk to Mormon missionaries or

faithful and active members... in church or in their homes...

God our Father is really the spirit Father of us all...

The last thing - learn to pray and council with the Lord on many things,

if not ALL THINGS...

Now the last - thing - don't be lost,

when it comes to a personal relationship with God!

Learn to fast and pray - learn to listen

and obey the spirit of God...

Remember the good Samaritan?

He did good when others just walked by!


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