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Let's talk or at least get great tips to do more with your life!

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You see the gospel was never meant to be enough by it self and it won't be, you will need the best team and combination of things to get successfully through the tribulation which is coming on this earth..

Individuals will not be able to easily pull it off by them selves... period!

You will need the best that man can offer in support, skills and knowledge, plus you will need the spiritual gifts and revelation, and power of God to be with you, and still this alone won't be enough, you will need to live close enough and united enough to be one or very close to it - to have his full protection and blessings...

Until Zion and its stakes are fully established with the center stake of Zion, with angels and other beings helping us, the power of heaven will not fully be united with the power of this earth... its coming and God will not leave us alone, but we will need greater unity, repentance,faith and many other things...

God has warned us, we will become one or we are not his, and his full power will not be with us, it's a work in progress - he knows if we are really working together or not...

Combine the best of what man has to offer with the best that Christians and God has to offer and at least now you have a foundation for building on in the future...

All these trials, and tribulations will help us work together and help us see who has a willing heart and who has not - this will divide the wheat from the tares!!

You will need to gather your families around you, work in teams, share resources, use family councils, listen to and obey the prophets... etc. etc. etc...


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