Why use Inspiration?

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There are many reasons to seek and use personal inspiration - in all most every thing you do. ( The video below - has a song - Mary, Did You Know? - Pentatonix! )

I'd love to have a piece of that action - wow!

Do you love the truth as much as you love music or movies etc.?

Learn from a great source of truth and light, not just Jesus Christ but from the great gift of the Holy Ghost - that comes only by laying on of hands...

But the most important thing is for your spiritual growth and confidence in the Father and the Son and the Holy Ghost..

Don't let me scare you off - 40 years of work in this area have proven I'm not mistaken in this area of expertise...

So - when I say - Inspiration works - it works beyond my power and potential.

To say the least -

Join me on the quest to change the world in a profound (spiritual) way (s)!

Thanks for the visit and I hope to hear from you soon...

Roger L Martin

Learn about pure revelation that comes from the Father, scriptures, meditation, prayer and Holy spirit... remember virtue, humility, prayer, faith and holiness proceed pure revelation...

PS - The following is taken from -


In none of the scriptures do we see revelation come as a result of people’s working themselves into an emotional state of mind. Yet, there are distinctive feelings that are produced when the voice of God speaks to men, as in this passage where it caused their hearts to burn. Because of the variety of spiritual extravagances that prevailed among the Christian sects of his time, Joseph Smith often warned the Saints against these things and showed them the way that they might avoid coming under these same influences. He commented once that

nothing is a greater injury to the children of men than to be under the influence of a false spirit when they think they have the Spirit of God. [Teachings, p. 205]

On another occasion Joseph Smith taught the Saints how they might learn the true spirit of revelation:

A person may profit by noticing the first intimation of the spirit of revelation; for instance, when you feel pure intelligence flowing into you, it may give you sudden strokes of ideas, so that by noticing it, you may find it fulfilled the same day or soon; (i.e.) those things that were presented unto your minds by the Spirit of God, will come to pass; and thus by learning the Spirit of God and understanding it, you may grow into the principle of revelation, until you become perfect in Christ

Jesus. [Teachings, p. 151]

&& And the following was copied from -


“An intelligent being, in the image of God, possesses every organ, attribute, sense, sympathy, affection, that is possessed by God himself.

“But these are possessed by man, in his rudimental state, in a subordinate sense of the word. Or, in other words, these attributes are in embryo, and are to be gradually developed. They resemble a bud, a germ, which gradually develops into bloom, and then, by progress, produces the mature fruit after its own kind.

“The gift of the Holy Ghost adapts itself to all these organs or attributes. It quickens all the intellectual faculties, increases, enlarges, expands, and purifies all the natural passions and affections, and adapts them, by the gift of wisdom, to their lawful use. It inspires, develops, cultivates, and matures all the fine-toned sympathies, joys, tastes, kindred feelings, and affections of our nature. It inspires virtue, kindness, goodness, tenderness, gentleness, and charity. …

“… Such is the gift of the Holy Ghost, and such are its operations when received through the lawful channel—the divine, eternal priesthood” (Parley P. Pratt, Key to the Science of Theology, 61–62).

This one song has had over 113 Million hits!


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