Louis Smith Terminal Leukemia Survivor

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Let's beat cancer and live?

Great testimonial – watch more than once!!! Get into the details – what did he change – what did he do – differently? I love this man's story and his advice!!

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Let's talk or at least get great tips to do more with your life!

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@ https://www.facebook.com/rogerlmartin1


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Call to order direct 1-800-432-5842

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NeoLife Club

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Can Join for free.

I am on a mission to help people –

live a healthy life free of disease!

Join Me!…


Learn more about how you can fight cancer before you ever get it or after you have it -

Learn how Chris also beat cancer - and help others do the same!


( Above link is affiliate program to help education and help others beat cancer - to, be a blessing in others peoples lives who are fighting this terrible disease! )


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